World's Only Female Tribute To Iron Maiden  
(DRZ Records)

Before some days I reviewed a tribute album to IRON MAIDEN and I hadn't ever thought that one day I would receive another tribute album to IRON MAIDEN, only this time female bands participating in it. So, I present to you the work from The Iron Maidens. The ladies come from the United States and on this record you will have the opportunity to hear ten well known IRON MAIDEN songs. The album begins with two great hits: "The Number Of The Beast" and "Two Minutes To Midnight", two excellent covers from the band. Then we have a slower song that is "Children Of The Damned". Have you ever had the chance to hear the IRON MAIDEN tracks with a female singer? It’s a great experience and suddenly we have “The Trooper”, another great track! "Wasted Years" and "Killers" weren't ever my favorite songs from MAIDEN and I will pass them to hear “Aces High” and we will always fly to live! Then the last three tracks: "Phantom Of The Opera", "Run To The Hills" and "Hallowed Be Thy Name". To close the review I can surely say that The Iron Maidens, did an almost excellent work with this album and all their covers are very good and undoubtedly every fan of IRON MAIDEN should hear them. I wonder if they have written their own tracks... I am really curious to hear their personal songs if they have written any. 
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Antonis  Maglaras