The Iron Maidens pay tribute to legendary British Metal Band
Tacoma Weekly Friday, November 29, 2002

By John Larson

British heavy-metal band Iron Maiden has always been popular with musicians.
Even ones not into metal admire the band's intelligent lyrics and complex
arrangements. Five women were so impressed they formed a tribute band. The
Iron Maidens hit Tacoma this week on their first tour.

Jenny Warren has a background in opera and show tunes, and has a degree in
Theatre Arts. She first heard Maiden on L.A.'s KLOS Rock Radio Station. "I
couldn't believe what I was hearing," she recalled.

A decade later she was a mom with a corporate job. With the metal fire
burning, she fronted a Maiden tribute band called Wrathchild, which had a
female bassist and three men. By 2001 it had transformed into The Iron

Maiden's status in the U.S. has fluxuated, but Warren notes they are huge in
Europe,Suth America and Asia. "Iron Maiden has had a huge impact around the
world." Some Americans are unaware "because they weren't played on the radio
every ten minutes."

Sara Marsh plays guitarist Dave Murray. She started listening to Maiden in
the late 80s, and her favorite tune is "Die With Your Boots On."

Josephine Draven plays guitarist Adrian Smith. "They are the reason I wanted to be
in a band," she said of Maiden. She considers them a major influence on
musicians. Her favorite Maiden tune is "The Trooper."

Linda McDonald plays drummer Nicko McBrain. She credits Maiden for inspiring
her to play. she was exposed when she found the EP Maiden Japan in her
brother's collection. "That was insane. I knew then I had to learn to play

Wanda Ortiz plays bass player Steve Harris. She started with upright bass in
a school group in 4th grade. By high school she played in a rock band that
wanted to cover "The Trooper." she bought the album to learn it and was
hooked on Maiden.

"We try to emulate their show as much as possible," Ortiz said. Their act
includes fire, flashpots and appearances by Maiden mascot Eddie. They are
psyched about playing a show at L.A. Coliseum last weekend put on by rap
group Cypress Hill.